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Международная сеть правозащитных организаций в поддержку призывников, военнослужащих и альтернативнослужащих: действия по обеспечению верховенства права
Protests against Deaths of Soldiers in Azerbaijan

About 3 thousand people were protesting at Fountain Square in Baku on  March 10. The number of participants has increased due to the victims' relatives and new groups of young people, who continue to come to the area from all sides. The police could not stop them.
At the same time, police detained some protesters, put them in cars and took away. However, despite the hundreds of police officers, their powers were not enough to prevent the action.
Another feature of the action was the fact that it involves a large number of older people, mostly women with portraits of their killed sons and relatives.
On 9 March in Berlin and Istanbul there were rallies of the Azerbaijani exiles protesting soldiers' deaths in the Azerbaijani army.
In Istanbul the action began in Taksim Square at 15:00. The participants demanded putting an end to the deaths of soldiers in the time of peace. "Let the soldiers not die, and the army not converted to a morgue!" chanted dozens of people.
A similar action took place in the center of Berlin with the participation of human rights defenders and youth. Both actions took place without incident.
On March 10 in front of the UN headquarters in New York a similar event will be with the participation of immigrants and Azerbaijani students. Its members also intend to demand the release of political prisoners, an end to repression against the opposition.