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Международная сеть правозащитных организаций в поддержку призывников, военнослужащих и альтернативнослужащих: действия по обеспечению верховенства права
The Committee against Torture has put at the list of priority topics the problem of abuse in the armed forces of the Russian Federation

On November 27, 2012 the Committee against Torture published its findings and recommendations summing up the consideration of the Russian fifth periodic report on the observance of the Convention against Torture.

In paragraph 16 of the Concluding Observations of the Committee, the need to strengthen measures to prohibit and eliminate hazing in the military was emphasized:
“The State party should reinforce measures to prohibit and eliminate hazing in the armed forces and ensure prompt and impartial investigation of all allegations of hazing and deaths in the military in order to achieve zero-tolerance of ill-treatment and torture of military personnel as previously recommended by the Committee. Where evidence of hazing is found, the State party should ensure prosecution of all incidents and appropriate punishment of the perpetrators, including exclusion from the armed forces; make the results of those investigations public; and provide redress for victims, including appropriate medical and psychological assistance.”
The Committee identified three priority topics on which the Russian Federation has to report back to it by December 23, 2013. Thus, Russia should communicate what has been done, in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee, as regards inspection of places of detention; cases of intimidation and harassment of human rights activists, attacks on them; overcoming the bullying and abuse in the military.
The Coalition of Russian non-governmental organizations involved in the preparation of the Alternative Report was pleased that the Committee largely took into account the information on torture in Russia, presented in the Alternative Report. The Coalition expressed its readiness to assist the authorities of the Russian Federation in order to implement the recommendations of the Committee.