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Международная сеть правозащитных организаций в поддержку призывников, военнослужащих и альтернативнослужащих: действия по обеспечению верховенства права

About Foundation for Legal Technologies Development

Foundation for Legal Technologies Development is a group of professionals who work together using legal research and educational methods for the realization and effective protection of human rights and freedoms.
Main goal of our work – to promote development of ideas of legal protection of public interests
•    To promote the role of law;
•    To promote development of legal culture;
•    To promote implementation of international law;
•    Promotion of generally accepted principles of international law;
•    To promote development of legal community and legal technologies.
Strategic directions of activity

I. Expert directions:
•    Freedom of Associations;
•    Freedom of Information. Right to Information;
•    Access to Justice. Right to Fair Court.

II. Development of legal protection for public interests and human rights movement in Belarus
We direct our efforts at the broadest possible informing about the means, methods and forms of successful and systematic human rights activities and legal activities that contribute into public interests and civic control over state politics.
The major target groups in this strategic direction are public initiatives capable of using legal methods into their activities and involving young lawyers (students of law). The main goal is promoting ideas of legal protection of public interests, civic control, and in long-term perspective – involving these target groups into human rights activities.
Methods of activity:
•    Collecting and distributing information;
•    Educational programs and trainings;
•    Pilot monitoring and campaigns;
•    Connections and communication (exchange of experience) with human rights groups in foreign countries;
•    Private group of trainers to work on drafting human rights campaigns and estimating changes.
III. Mobile reacting
In the framework of this strategic direction we organize human rights actions and campaigns (participate in human rights campaigns conducted by other organizations), which concern questions that fall outside our strategic directions but relevant to our mission and following criteria:

1. Campaign shall be directed at protection of public interest.
2. Campaign shall concern implementation or protection of civil or political rights and freedoms, and if possible, it shall relate to promotion of universal international human rights standards in national legal practice.
3. The question of getting involved into a campaign shall be discussed collectively including collective estimation of financial, time, human and other resources.
4. If there is a private case, then:
•    One of the sides in dispute shall be a state agency or official;
•    Consideration of case shall fulfill the preventative function – it shall  serve for prevention of similar violations of human rights and freedoms;
•    There shall be a perspective for creating a model of solving similar cases in future – i.e. the perspective for private innovations.
  About the Legal Transformation Center

Legal Transformation Center is a non-for-profit organization working for the aim of legal culture improvement, implementation of enlightenment, analytical and research activities in the sphere of law.
Objectives of LTC’s work are:
•    organization and conductoin of seminars, conferences, round tables and other types of enlightenment activitiies;
•    research on the question of market conditions and public opinion surveys;
•    conduction of educational, research and analytical work in the sphere of law, distribution of gained results;
•    scientific research and Innovations in the sphere of public and humanitarian sciences;
•    publishing activities.