Общество и Армия
Международная сеть правозащитных организаций в поддержку призывников, военнослужащих и альтернативнослужащих: действия по обеспечению верховенства права

During the recent four years many citizens of Armenia turn the organization of Armenian Soldiers Mother "Zinvori Mair" with an usual request; those living in USA, to produce a certificate about their relatives who were members or volunteers of the organization before the departure from Armenia. During the war time the members of the organization in Karabagh took care of the wounded in hospitals. To our inquiry to the Embassy of USA in Armenia the replay was, that according to the law of USA, those persons who were volunteers in hospitals have definite previliges. NGO "Zinvori Mair" turns to all the citizens of Armenia and to all our compatriots living abroad with the statement, that the organization doesn't produce such certificate, as all the members of the organization, including the volunteers, who looked after the wounded during the war period, didn't leave the country and today they live in Armenia.